the 7 chakra game for couples

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join us in the first decentralized city dedicated to love

light show on color chain 🌈⛓️

beyond crypto

beyond capitalism

we are distributing $6,000,000 to 600 humans who solve the flow city puzzle game

ai software

next-gen software that makes your events, meetings, and conferences the exact opposite of boring

sexual rennaissance

digital psychedelic body art where artists get to express repressed sexual energy to level up humanity

take me there

flow is the vibration of love

you are love


Dark Blurred Background

join the flow

flow city is a light show illuminating the path to creative enlightenment so no one on earth walks alone

whether you have $0 or $1,000,000,000 come flow with us

come celebrate being human and transform fear into flow


we created a fun currency using emojis

that is used at flow city events

the 28th of every month


the future of wealth is art

i’m so confused what am i supposed to do?

read the original concept and figure out how to participate

color paper

join the team to level up humanity with your flow power

join team of

super humans

solve the puzzle game to earn $10,000 no matter where you live on earth

option a

option b

option c

leave frictionless feedback

tell us where we can fix or improve something with this site or the puzzle game

then you’ll earn an emoji 💰😘

the more things you find that are broken, the more emojis you’ll earn

emojis 🤣 are used for food and experiences at flow city events

flow city

time travel

for 2

join community

use ai to make art