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Like all of Flow City

The Value you give is the value you receive in return.

Whether you get paid in $USDC or another currency.

Our currenSEE is πŸ’š Emojis.

IF you think you can improve any page or process, come give your super power and get paid.


Color 🌈 paper πŸ’΅inception 12/18/22

simplified 02/19/23




What's at stake?

$10,000 for you.

$6,000,000 total.

"The profits from the business after earning $7,000,000 in revenue, will be distributed among 600 members as $COLOR.

The bottom 10% of members will receive lifetime passes only, while the top 90% of members will earn according to a quadratic distribution model.

This model will be used to fairly distribute the profits among the members based on their contributions to the business.

The biggest contributors each month will earn a portion of the proceeds by vote via $COLORChain


15 Year Pass to Park, all inclusive.



Plant Based Good For You Food,

Drinks from Raw Ingredients

7 Chakra Experience

Includes Flying Car Pass once per year.

Each pass includes personalized instructions on how to play each game puzzle.

300 Single Artist Players

150 next gen ⏭️.🧬:weπŸŽ—οΈCoMMunity

150 of myceliumπŸ„πŸŽ—οΈ

177 Team Members

Flow City: A Collective Contribution to an Experiential Future

Flow City is a Light Show, an immersive AR experience where art, interaction, and technology converge. We aim to design a city experience through collective contribution, letting you travel into the year 2037 and beyond.

##Investment and Profit Distribution

A total of $6,000,000 will be distributed among 600 members under the token name $COLOR after the business achieves $7,000,000 in revenue.

Members will earn according to a quadratic distribution model, which ensures fair profits based on individual contributions. The top 90% of members will be part of this distribution, while the bottom 10% will receive lifetime passes to the park.

##Joining Flow City

Memberships come in various forms:

1. ** Single Artist Players (300 spots)**

2. ** Next Gen Community (150 spots)**

3. ** 7 Chakra Players (150 spots)**

4. **Team Members (177 spots)**

Each membership includes a 15-year pass to the Park, costing $17,777, inclusive of plant-based food, drinks from raw ingredients, a 7 Chakra Experience, and a yearly Flying Car Pass. Each pass includes personalized instructions on how to play each game puzzle.

##Art as an Access Pass

Each piece of art serves as a ticket to watch the Flow City Light Show, valid until 2038. An authentic QR Code Ed Purple sticker is a ticket, which must be paired with an identical "SCAN ME" white sticker for entrance.

A group of trusted friends can purchase a lifetime pass, splitting the cost no more than 10 ways to maintain individual access to the in-person city.

##Opportunities and Prizes

Members can participate in an Earth Scavenger Hunt with 600 art pieces hidden across the city. They stand a chance to win various items and experiences, such as Oculus Quest, Meta Quest Pro, a creator's laptop, hard drives, hand-crafted notebooks, signed items, unique books, original sketches, and more.

##Co-creation and Profit Sharing

50% of art proceeds will be split with artists involved in the piece's creation, requiring human verification and proof. The other 50% of proceeds will go to Flow City's AuthentiCITY VR LLC DAO.

##Continual Engagement

Watch Flow City Live every day from 2023-2038, claim a spot on the Flow City Light Show, have your words transformed into a world by Floyo, or even get your own festival stage designed and built by 2028.

We invite artists, DJs, healers, podcasters, authentic influencers, CEOs, founders, burners, fans, developers, partners, schools, countries, governments, cities, and DAOs to join and contribute. Flow City isn't just an experienceβ€”it's a movement.


Group Flow

With Us

Start Over

7 Chakra AR Life Sized BoardGame Earth

Unite every human on earth with their lover

or best friend

Friction to Flow CityπŸͺ·

This is Flow City β€œbusiness model” inspired by crypto.

Instead of coins we are using art. No coins. Just emojis. Emojis are art.

After someone views the light show they will most likely get all the Neuro chemicals that will get them to want to find out more / share it w/ their network.

We are starting with Necker Island where I met next level super humans. Then moving to all the other events from + Art With Me.

Because this is by invitation only (unlike crypto), we are only inviting super humans to be a part of this to nail the product (remember the remarkable (novel beautiful elegant) business model is the remarkable product, the remarkable (shareable) product is the marketing, and the marketing is the sales.

Sales = investment.

We aren’t raising capital, we are simply selling this radically new way of thinking, a 10x solution over 99% of current business models that will disappear within the next 3-5 years.

As soon as you view a light show you see the CTA (call to action).

Each team will be dedicated to one product aligned with the 7 chakras.

7 super humans on 7 teams conquering…

7 products.

❀️ Root > Level up humanity with universal basic income with mushrooms

🧑Sacred Sexuality > Level up shame/trauma with procreation energy and body celebration

πŸ’› Intuition > Level up humans by showing them vision of their life purpose and sleep and nutrition

πŸ’š Love > Connect humans to their heart frequency @ 528hz

🩡 Creativity > anything regarding the illumination towards creative enlightenment (group flow state) like the Light Show

πŸ’™ Mind > focusing the collective third eye on next level training like the art of flow

πŸ’œ Crown > using the most advanced algorithms to match up everyone on earth with their best friend or lover

7 players per team

Flow Power πŸŒ€πŸ”‹ = the thing you do better than 99% of humans.

Each team member is assigned an emoji and is asked to contribute their flow power each week. It doesn’t matter if they finish in 5 hours or 35 hours.

  1. πŸ¦„ Next-Gen Investor committed to the conscious allocation of capital to uplift the vibrational frequency of the Earth, investing not just for financial returns, but to catalyze profound, positive change on a global scale. We are not asking for the investor to give us capital, we are asking for the πŸ¦„ to contribute $17,777 towards one single lifetime pass to Flow City. If they are in a relationship we will ask 2x this amount.
  2. πŸŒ€ Next-Gen Entrepreneur who has successfully navigated the business landscape, demonstrated by impactful exits or equivalent credentials. This individual combines enterprise with a strong ethical framework, aspiring to create ventures that not only succeed commercially but also contribute meaningfully to societal and planetary wellbeing.
  3. πŸ¦‹ Next-Gen Artist capable of leveraging state-of-the-art tools to exponentially increase creative output. This individual blends artistry and innovation to produce impactful works at an accelerated pace, inspiring change and consciousness expansion through their creations (ability to conquer and flow with any software).
  4. 🐸 Next-Gen Healer/Energy/Light Worker committed to fostering balance and harmony within the team. They harness healing modalities and energy work to cultivate an environment of wellbeing, enabling each team member to perform at their highest potential.
  5. πŸŒ• Next-Gen Coordinator/Producer dedicated to ensuring the smooth flow of communication within the team. Their role is to streamline processes, manage project timelines, and foster an environment where each team member can focus on their areas of expertise, ultimately driving collective success.
  6. πŸ‘ Next-Gen Developer with a deep understanding of emerging technologies and their convergence. They're skilled at integrating these technologies into the workflow, facilitating exponential growth and impact.
  7. πŸ„ Next-Gen Ninja, a versatile and adaptable individual who can seamlessly transition between all roles as required including using ai tools to be a β€œwhatever we need in the moment” like spatial UX design. Their agility ensures the team's resilience and effectiveness in the face of changing circumstances.

At any point in time if a super human from any team is waiting and wants to do more, they may go to any of the same emoji super human πŸ„πŸ‘ πŸŒ• πŸ’š πŸ¦‹πŸŒ€πŸ¦„ on any other team and offload tasks from them.

If any one on any team wishes to switch positions because of boredom or misalignment they may request a switch role or team.


Overall we require an overseer over all the teams.


Client Relations

Next-Gen Legal

Next-Gen Accounting

Any other absolutely necessary roles


TASK for Canva (website) flow

Ensure each team color has easy navigation and easy frictionless one button sign up and clearly marked when a team member has applied to a role.

Application should be so easy its like a one click button and they can apply to multiple colors and multiple roles.

Example - one person may apply to be a ninja πŸ„and πŸ‘developer.

An 🐸 energy healer might apply to be πŸŒ• a coordinator as well.

Once a position is filled then the super human can either wait until the next round of 7 products/colors (this is what I mean by fractal distribution) OR they can accept the other position πŸ„πŸ‘ πŸŒ• 🐸 πŸ¦‹πŸŒ€πŸ¦„ on any team color.

Each team of 7 will be equipped with a team of Conscious aware super humans.

Each super human will be provided a subscription to ChatGPT 4 to enhance our workflow.

Each Artist will be provided a Midjourney, Adobe AI, leondaro AI subscription and an iPad Pro.

Each Devleoper will be provided Apple AR Dev kit.

Any one on the team who does not have good equipment (aka, they experience friction with their setup), they must be provided proper equipment (aka, apple ipad + keyboard + ar glasses) that will be removed from their $1k per week pay split up over time depending on their financial situation.


Ultimately this will be the creation of a new kind of not-company, a movement - a distributed city, a conscious awakened collective to create love and connection for the new earth 🌎🌍🌏 .


Emoji Currency πŸ„πŸ‘ πŸŒ• 🐸 πŸ¦‹πŸŒ€πŸ¦„

If a Super Human Team player chooses to accept emoji currency πŸ„πŸ‘ πŸŒ• 🐸 πŸ¦‹πŸŒ€πŸ¦„ instead of USD or even a portion, they will be rewarded 7x.

A player has multiple options to choose from, with combinations ranging from pure USDC to pure emojisπŸŒ€, or any mix of 7, while maintaining the equivalent total value.

Emoji Currency unlocks in 2028.


That means instead of $1k USDC per week, they can accept 7000 πŸ„ or whatever position the player was playing in at the time.

Players can accept the following amounts per week.

1. $1000 USDC and 0 emojis

2. $857 USDC and 1000 emojis

3. $714 USDC and 2000 emojis

4. $572 USDC and 3000 emojis

5. $428 USDC and 4000 emojis

6. $286 USDC and 5000 emojis

7. $143 USDC and 6000 emojis

8. $0 USDC and 7000 emojis

First round of 7 Chakra Game:

$1000 USDC = 7000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$857 USDC = 6000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$714 USDC = 5000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$572 USDC = 4000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$430 USDC = 3000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$286 USDC = 2000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$143 USDC = 1000 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„

$0 USDC = 0 πŸ„ or πŸ‘ or πŸŒ• or 🐸 or πŸ¦‹or πŸŒ€or πŸ¦„


When they do they are transferrable and usable in Flow City both the metaverse cities and the actual physical cities.

I believe the next move is once we play the first round of 7 teams 7 products 7 players, then we would make the emoji currency as a deflationary asset class similar to ethereum.

Each round of 7 chakra game the emojis become more valuable.

6x so $1000 USDC to 6000 πŸŒ€.

Then the next round would be 5x πŸŒ•

And then finally end on the 7th round where emojis = $USDC.

So one 🐸 would be $1USDC.

On the 7th round it is quite possible a single player to have collected a years salary in emojis in a relatively short amount of time however they would not be able to unlock the emojis until 2028 and then they’d essentially live like a billionaire at flow city events.

It is quite possible we write into the currency a deflationary property where an emoji becomes more valuable than USDC.

This is most likely going to happen when all 7 teams become fractally distributed and people prefer to live like kings and queens from 2028-2037 by sacrificing a % of inflationary $usdc money today.


Questions that remain unsolved:

Can Emojis be earned or bought or sold or traded?

Can you only earn emojis by giving flow power πŸŒ€πŸ”‹?

Upon the literal death of a super human should they be able to transfer emojis to a loved one?


Why would anyone want emoji currency instead of USDC?

Because inside of Flow City our currency is emojis.

So when you come to a flow city event you could essentially live a luxury life style.

Even someone who lives a basic lifestyle today, could live like a king or queen in Flow City (equivalent of someone taking USDC today and earning $1k, and then in flow city having $1k to trade for emojis - whatever the given exchange rate is at the time).

If an experience in Flow City = $17,000 USDC then a player playing in the first round of the 7 chakra game would only have to play for 2.5 weeks.

Flow City Events occur ONCE A MONTH on the 28th of every month from 2024 to 2028 with a gradual curve towards weekly events by 2027.

Starting in October of 2028 Flow City will have daily events.




Light show

Neon Frame
Blue Grid Neon Tech Pattern

Illuminating your events with a surreal glow, one masterpiece at a time.