Color 🌈 paper 💵inception 12/18/22

simplified 02/19/23




What's at stake?

$10,000 for you.

$6,000,000 total.

"The profits from the business after earning $7,000,000 in revenue, will be distributed among 600 members as $COLOR.

The bottom 10% of members will receive lifetime passes only, while the top 90% of members will earn according to a quadratic distribution model.

This model will be used to fairly distribute the profits among the members based on their contributions to the business.

The biggest contributors each month will earn a portion of the proceeds by vote via $COLORChain


15 Year Pass to Park, all inclusive.



Plant Based Good For You Food,

Drinks from Raw Ingredients

7 Chakra Experience

Includes Flying Car Pass once per year.

Each pass includes personalized instructions on how to play each game puzzle.

300 Single Artist Players

150 next gen ⏭️.🧬:we🎗️CoMMunity

150 of mycelium🍄🎗️

177 Team Members

"The profits from the business, totaling $7,000,000, will be distributed among 700 of the 777 members.

The bottom 10% of members will receive lifetime passes only, while the top 90% of members will earn according to a quadratic distribution.

Each piece of art is a ticket to watch Flow City Light Show.

Expires 2038.

Flow City is a LIGHT SHOW

travel into the year 2037

design a city experience through a collective contribution

Each time you come and watch you can choose to participate and earn $COLORart

Each authentic QR Code Ed Purple sticker is a ticket (MUST SAY SCAN NFT). Each authentic White Sticker that says "SCAN ME" must be matched with one other sticker that is identical to get entrance.

Expires 2024.

To those who would like to purchase a lifetime pass and split the cost with your most trusted and cherished friends, you may do this, but split it no more than 10 ways so each person in the group may go to the in person city.

$COLORart and all involved parties split profits according to vote if necessary.

You have a good chance of winning:

  • Oculus Quest

  • Oculus Quest

  • Meta Quest Pro

  • Meta Quest Pro

  • Windows 15" 1660ti Creator's Laptop

  • Hard Drives

  • The Ipad Pro used for 4,000 hours to create for 24 months.

  • One of 20 notebooks/journals, hand crafted

  • One of dozens of signed, drawn on items.

  • One of 100 books, a few extremely unique relics of the past.

  • One of Founder of H11.LIFE original sketches

  • One of Founder of Flow City original sketches

  • An AI-Copilot Lesson via Game

  • One of 420 in The Flow City Art Gallery.

    • 42 of the pieces are donated
    • 42 are reserved for family
    • 42 are reserved for friends
    • 42 are reserved for you who i love
    • 42 are reserved for
    • 42 you who changed my life
    • 42 reserved for Oakland/SF 510 Bay Area
    • 42 reserved for Places I've lived
    • 42 reserved for Utah
    • 42 reserved for Team Super Human

  • These FINAL 42 pieces will be co-creation pieces where each artist/developer involved is awarded

Earth Scavenger Hunt.

Put the pieces of the puzzle together.

600 Art Pieces can be FOUND ACROSS THE CITY.

50% of proceeds are split with other artists involved in the creation of the piece, human verification and proof required and encouraged.

50% of the proceeds will go to Flow City, AuthentiCITY VR LLC


Watch Flow City Live every day from 2023-2038.

Claim a spot on the Flow City Light Show.

Tell your story, and have Floyo Create your words into a world only /together we could /imagine

Get your own Festival Stage Designed by Floyo.

Get a unique AR experience created by Floyo.

Get your own Festival Stage built in 2028 by Flow City.






Authentic AF Influencers

CEOs & Founders


Raving Fans









Group Flow

With Us

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